UK Online Shops Worth £408bn

The value of UK ecommerce transactions hit £408bn in 2009, excluding non-financial transactions, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed on Friday.

This was almost 25% up on 2008, and represented 16.7% of all sales outside the financial sector, the ONS said.

Sales from websites rose 23.6% to £115bn, while the value of non-web online transactions (eg EDI) hit £293bn, 12% of all non-financial sales, it said.

The ONS, which compiled the figures from companies with more than 10 staff, said 76% had a website, but only 14.9% sold goods through it.

However, almost 52% (2008: 33%) used online networks to buy goods and services worth a total £466.3bn.

The ONS said just over 91% of businesses had internet access, and 87.4% connected using a broadband link. More than one-third (36.8%) used a 3G mobile connection. Some 6.8 million workers have internet access at work.

Via Computer Weekly (UK)


New research has shown that one in six online retail visits in the UK results in a purchase.

The study, conducted by Nielsen, reveals that some 16 per cent of all visits to a retail site ended in a purchase in August of this year – which totals 89 million transactions.

Conducting the research on the UK’s top 200 ecommerce sites, Nielsen’s study showed that the UK’s main reason for shopping online rather than on the high street was saving money.

However, other highly-rated reasons were being able to avoid dealing with sales staff, cited by 29 per cent of respondents, as well as 32 per cent favouring being able to shop without being restricted by opening hours.

Meanwhile, electronic goods were found to be “the most lucrative ecommerce category”.

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