Blizzard Roadmap Leaked, China GM “Let Go”

Big changes at Blizzard this weekend. The MMO world was shaken up when leaked confidential files from Blizzard leaked the net. They shared Blizzard’s internal information including their global subscriber database, their product roadmap for upcoming games, financial revenue records, plus information relating to TV media marketing budgets. Blizzard rose to prominence as the developer of the Starcraft and Warcraft series of  PC games, and has been financially well off these past few years with the WoW MMO, which claims 11 million regular users.

The leak is being called one of the biggest leaks in the history of video games (definitely right up there with the 2003 leak of the Half-Life 2 source code from Valve’s servers). reports that Blizzard’s American headquarters in Irvine, California “went berserk” when the product roadmap was leaked.

Speculation seems to be that the leak is in Blizzard China. Ye Weilun, General Manager of Blizzard China was let go today, with no reason provided. His successor is Dai Jinhe, a former manager at Nokia China.

An Accidental Blizzard? WoW Developer Shaken To Its Core By China Leak, General Manager Fired

It’s being reported that Blizzard chief operating officer, Paul Sams, will arrive in Blizzard China next week. Although Blizzard isn’t saying that the GM change and the Sams trip are related to the leak, it certainly looks like Sams is going int to drop the hammer on somebody.

The alleged leaked Blizzard roadmap says that the next Starcraft 2 game, dubbed Starcraft 2: Phoenix in the roadmap, is schedule for a Q4 2011 release – the same time as the Diablo 3 schedule release. The next World of Warcraft expansion is shown to be scheduled for Q2 2012, and the “World of Warcraft movie” is scheduled for Q4 2012. An unknown project, codenamed “Titan”, is scheduled for a Q4 2013 release.
Via TFTS site