The Azeroth, It Is A-changin’

As Bob Dylan once said, “The Azeroth, it is a-changin”… Or something to that effect.

Blizzard has promised that Cataclysm will be the biggest expansion in World of Warcraft’s history, radically altering the landscapes and major cities, many of which have been relatively untouched since the MMO’s arrival over six years ago. We’re not talking a few new NPCs here and a new hut there – huge fissures have torn the Barrens apart and other zone are now almost totally submerged.

Why bother gussying up these old areas? Well, you’ll need to grind through them again if you want to level up your new Goblin or Worgen (humanoid werewolves) avatar. These two new races are one of Cataclysm’s biggest draws, and both of them come with new home territories, racial skills and abilities. As with every World of Warcraft expansion, expect new raids, quests and items, as well as a streamlined Guild interface and upgraded class builds/specs.

Via Games Radar

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