Security Alert!

BLUE POST: As some of you know, several Gawker Media websites, including Gawker, Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker, Jezebel, io9, Jalopnik, and Deadspin, were recently compromised. To help minimize the effects of this compromise — namely for players who might be using the same login information for their Gawker Media accounts and their accounts — we issued password-reset emails for several accounts.

If you’ve received an email from Blizzard Entertainment requesting a password reset as a result of the Gawker Media compromise, clicking on the Account Management link included in the email’s body will allow you to choose a new password. You can also log in to Account Management directly by visiting to reset your password on your own. If you’re unable to confirm that the email is legitimate* or prefer not to follow email hyperlinks, this may be best option for you.

If you used your email address to sign up with any of the Gawker Media sites listed above (for example, to post comments), we also recommend that you update your email address as soon as possible via Account Management. If you are unable to complete this step or the password reset and believe your account might be compromised, please contact our customer support staff by using the Account Recovery Form and be sure to check out our Account Security Awareness guide for additional security tips and suggestions.

To verify that an email has been sent by Blizzard Entertainment, please check the email’s header information and hyperlink destinations: