The CCs Back

Back from hiatus, CC is making its  comeback (in Cataclysm instances like Grim Batol, Vortex Pinnacle and Lost City).

Here’s a short CC list:

Long-Term CC’s

* Mage – Polymorph (beasts, humanoids), 60s, heals mobs to full

* Hunter – Freezing Trap/Trap Launcher (most), 60s;  Wyvern Sting (???), survival only, 30s, not effectively refreshable

* Warlock – Banish (demons/elementals), 30s, does not break; Enslave Demon (demons) mostly unrefreshable; Seduction (humanoids), 30s, pet ability, Fear (all except undead/mech?), 20s, only if glyphed (ASK!)

* Priest – Shackle Undead (undead), 30s, Mind Control (humanoids only), 30s channel, priest loses control but MC’d mob can tank another

* Druid – Hibernate (beasts/dragonkin), 30s; Entangling Roots (most), 30s, snare only

* Rogue – Sap (humanoids, beasts, demons, dragonkin); 1m or 2m glyphed, not refreshable, not usable in combat

* Paladin – Repentance (humanoids, undead, dragonkin, giants and demons), ret only, short range, 60s

* Shaman – Hex (humanoids/beasts), 60s; Bind Elemental (elementals), 50s

Temporary CC’s

* Mage – Frost Nova and other frost spells

* Priest –  Psychic Scream, Psychic Horror, Mind Soothe

* Rogue – Blind, and various stuns and stun-lock tactics

* Druid – Cyclone and some stuns

* Paladin – Turn Evil (undead and demons only), some stuns

* Hunter – Pet’s stun and various root/slow/stun shots

* Warrior – various stuns

* Death Knight – Chains of Ice

By enemy type

* All/Most: Fear, Freezing Trap, Roots

* Beast: Sap, Hex, Hibernate, Polymorph

* Demon: Enslave Demon, Banish, Repentance, Sap

* Dragonkin: Hibernate, Sap, Repentance, Hex

* Elemental: Banish, Bind Elemental

* Giant: Repentance

* Humanoid: Polymorph, Seduction, MC, Sap, Repentance, Hex

* Mechanical: ???

* Undead: Shackle


Remember, leading CC is part of a tank’s job, so if you’re not tanking, don’t arrogantly post this. A standard is nice but the tank might do it differently for whatever reason. Some CCs (and interrupts) are talents. Every player might not be spec’d into them.

Disarms Rogues, warriors and Shadow Priests can disarm a target reducing damage output of the target. It’s not CC but it is quite useful for helping the tank and the healer. Never be afraid to try to disarm either! Certain mobs that are immune to CC, such as the giant bone fellas in ICC are not immune to disarm and can do a great deal to ease the load on healers/tanks as well. Raid boss Gormok the Impaler in ToC was disarmable on regular mode (but not heroic). He would not impale his target for the duration of the disarm. Quite useful at the beginning and ending of the fight as the impale dot damage plus the snakes’ attack were quite much for some healers.

Soothes These cause affectable targets to be less likely to attack.

Undead is not demon The few cc’s that work solely on undead or solely on demons do not work on the other, please do not make that assumption.

Most Single target cc’s can only be on one target at a time per player of that type. A warlock can’t banish two targets, but 2 warlocks can.

Charms cause the player to take over the target and gain some of their abilities. While possessing their target, the player cannot control their own character. Healers should not MC and MC’ing is a consideration on movement sensitive fights.

Charms are affected by hit rating and distance. A player mc’ing a mob may wanted to be closer than their class typically allows.

You can, charm healer mobs and assist the healer in healing and negate the mob’s own healing output on its friends. (Note that mc’ing another player only allows movement and melee auto-attack).

I also confirmed today, with the help of a lovely random priest, that casting Leap of Faith on a player who has charmed something breaks the Charm.

Many of the fears have useful glyphs now which cause the targets to cower rather than flee. Fear has often been dangerous to use as the mobs flee into ‘friends’.

Most CCs will pull the mobs, so the tank should be ready to grab them. If you only need one CC, it’s best to have someone besides the healer do it. Priests CCing should pop fade immediately after.

Unless otherwise marked, most CCs will break on damage taken. Many break immediately.. Some, like fears, have a tolerance for a certain amount of damage but may very well break on the first strike.

Transform forces the target to change form as a result of the caster’s spell.

Sleeps and Incapacitates put the target in a harmless state. They stand there and watch their allies be attacked.

Most (all?) CC’s can miss if the target is not properly hit capped. It is best to have a dps cc’ing as the tank may not, and the healer will not, be hit capped.

Horrors often function very similar to fears, the distinction however is important for DR mechanics. A mob who has become very resistant to fear may still be horrified.

Spell categories are important because of the Diminishing Returns mechanic where when a target is spammed with a spell over a short duration (relative to the spell’s base duration) the duration of the effect is reduced.

From The Fluid Druid blog and Blizzard forum