The Blog Is Back (And A Story of Stats)

The Warcraft game have come a long way in the past few years. And oddly enough, this blog’s internet traffic tells a story of that popularity. We are (the blog I mean) read even in Russia, blocked in China (not even one traffic out of millions), have reached Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and more countries I never knew existed. (But still blocked in China! C’mmon!)

During our absence we have doubled our traffic all because we ‘sell’ (kinda) a trusted brand! PEOPLE LOVE THE GAME! And Warcraft is still the ideal example of how to retain a user base, even in the era of F2P competition)

When Cataclysm sold-through a record 4.7 million! copies during its first month alone, we knew Warcraft will only get bigger and bigger.  As a brand, we predicted declared in ’10, that World of Warcraft have proven itself as competitive and irresistible.

And that’s probably why we at Agency News loves reporting every bit about Warcraft. (Oh and it’s so nice to see all these traffics to the blog — except China!)