Backstories and Lores

We all love World of Warcraft lores. It’s designed to help players communicate with another through the game’s backstories. It is universal and fluid with some almost morphing into proverbial lessons for RP players and lovers of MMO genre.

For gamers, WoW lore is central to the game, and it is what makes Warcraft unique and memorable to loyal fans.

World of Warcraft Backstories and Lores

December 2010
  • The Azeroth, It Is A-Changin’ 05.12.10
October 2010
June 2010
May 2010
  • Historic Hyjal Reopened 29.05.2010
  • Backstory: Velen’s Vision And The Founding of Exodar 07.05.10
  • Cataclysm: The Echo Isle 07.05.10
April 2010
March 2010
February 2010
January 2010

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