Bosskillers Selling WoW Gold

Tip reached us that strat and WoW guide Bosskillers is now selling…. GOLD?!

We have updated (the website) with a new version, and you need do a (sic) simple register for it. Click here if you want to visit the old version. (From their website)

Unfortunately, Bosskillers decided not just to provide us with legible WoW raiding strats but to also serve as platform for goldsellersĀ  šŸ˜¦

Only Takes Curiosity

Memo of the Day

Today’s MoTDĀ  couldn’t have been more blunt:

Scammers are trying harder than ever to phish* for your account information! We care about player security and encourage you to visit for helpful information and tips.

With the issue of in-game scams divesting Blizzard’s attention and resources away from providing you with incredible raids and in-game experiences.Ā  This is serious business.

Yesterday alone, I heard two complaints of scammers trying to lure people to visit their site. Scammers are clever, professional people. And it only takes your curiosity–and one visit to their site– for them to hack your computer.

An in-game scam letter


On-game Phishing

*Phishing scams are often used to harvest log-in credentials for social networks and financial sites by encouraging users to log in to phony versions of legitimate Websites. These types of scams often entice users to click on a bogus link to check out a new video or log in to a particular service to verify some data. The fake Website can then either inject some form of malware onto your computer or steal your log-in credentials to the legitimate site. Typically, phishing messages use URL shortening services to mask the phony site’s actual Web address. (From PCWorld)