Bosskillers Selling WoW Gold

Tip reached us that strat and WoW guide Bosskillers is now selling…. GOLD?!

We have updated (the website) with a new version, and you need do a (sic) simple register for it. Click here if you want to visit the old version. (From their website)

Unfortunately, Bosskillers decided not just to provide us with legible WoW raiding strats but to also serve as platform for goldsellers  😦


10 Things You Hate About MMORPGs

1. N00bs

Imagine you’re spending time with your favorite character, hunting, questing, you know, doing the stuff you usually do, and then all of a sudden someone you’ve never met before starts asking all sorts of questions (mostly dumb ones). Answering one or two is not so bad. But this triggers a chain reaction… that makes you want to kill the guy (female characters don’t count!).

2. Being a N00b

Most high level players forget that they were once the same, when encountering n00bs. Maybe because our brain usually blocks traumatizing memories. But all of us, with no exception, have experienced this.

3.  Gold Sellers

This is a big one! Gold sellers are annoying for everyone, new and experienced players alike. Especially in cities but not only, you are constantly assaulted by chat massages that sound like “buy gold at http://www.something.etc”.

4.  Lag

Lag has two main possible causes. The first is… you and your lousy Internet connection. The other is the game’s servers over-population. Balancing the game population with the server size in order to keep costs as low as possible is not an easy task. The company has many variables to take into account: population evolution in time, the time intervals when the server is most crowded, the zones in the game world where players tend to flock and so on. This is why even in high quality games lag appears in areas with high masses of players. There are also the physical limitations of the network combined with more and more bandwidth requirements of the games themselves. So this issue is here to stay at least until high speed.

5.  “Kill x number of… stuff” quests

Well, who hasn’t encountered a NPC that wants him to kill a fixed number of stuff, or bring some stuff that only some stuff has, so you still have to kill a fixed number of stuff? Mainly in the beginning of a game this type of situations are extremely common.

6. Grinding

If a poll was done on the most annoying thing in MMOs, I bet that more than 90% of the gamers would answer “grinding”. And with reason. It’s probably the most common motivation people give up on the game. Why people hate it so much? Simple! Because it makes them do what they do in real life – repetitive, boring stuff for small earnings.

7. No horizon beyond the level cap

You just did the last quest and your character (with a bit of luck) is now the maximum level. For a while you feel that you are somebody, you are cool, and nobody can mess with you anymore. But as time passes by, you realize that there’s less and less for you to do. Of course, you can search for better equipment, fight in some PvP, but eventually all this is getting boring. There’s no solid gain for playing anymore. This is the moment when many players give up gaming. Designers try to get them back by constantly releasing new content and add-ons, but unless it’s done often, it is only a momentary solution.

8. Cheaters

This category of people is truly hated – by me at least. They are present in each and every online game and try to quickly gain what you are working for months to achieve. No game is cheat-proof but it normally has a team of GMs that try to catch unfair players either by direct observation or using player-provided proof. The system is not perfect either.

9. Bans

Bans have a direct connection with the topic above. In order to stop the unfair players, games have a set of rules and those who break them usually get a temporary (it they are lucky) or a permanent ban, rendering their account useless.

10. Item malls (or any type of payment)

Who likes to pay? No one.

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Guild Stealing

Thoroughly enjoyed the article, I thought I’ll share it with you all.

Have a safe weekend!

When I logged in yesterday to do my warlock’s jewelcrafting daily, I noticed in /2 that somebody was advertising that my old TBC guild was back and recruiting for 10 mans. After a quick /who on the guy, I noticed that he was indeed in that guild. I’m aware that in Wrath it had some problems and in the end, the members and officers alike decided to part ways. The GM left a message on the guild’s forums letting people know that he’d decided to transfer and if anybody wished to take over and try, by all means they could ask him. One of the core members took guild leadership though almost all of the core had quit the game or left for other guilds by this point.

With it being one of the oldest guilds on the server, being formed fairly early in vanilla WoW, it had formed a strong core of members who had come to call the guild home almost. Though I’d left at around Christmas, I still have a kind of attachment to the guild, I’ve met some decent people in there and have some damn good memories. So, to see some random guy who nobody knew advertising that the guild was “back! And recruiting for Toc 10 man.” Blah blah, with the original guild website and everything, I thought to myself well that just sounds wrong.

I spoke to a couple of friends who’d both had officer positions in the guild, one of which has since moved on and mostly quit WoW. The other didn’t like the way it was advertised either. However, I think everybody agreed that it would be best to leave it.

Anyway, checked the forums today, after all of the “no this guild is the oldest on the server” crap that’s always tossed around but is highly irrelevant, and the “who exactly are you?” from old members, there was a comment which lit up the whole situation for what it really is. A theft.

This guy had, according to the post, been promoted to officer after the guild had stopped raiding and everybody had pretty much left, saying he wanted to invite a few friends. After the GM (the guy who took over after the original GM transferred) had been offline for quite a long time, possibly a month, the guy had contacted a game master to get the guild master position transferred over to him. He kicked many old core members and their alts. He stole the contents of the guild bank, about 24k gold, about 12k golds worth of Ulduar BoEs, nto to mention all of the food, flasks, etc. left in there. Then logging an alt to spam putting in 1g and removing it to cover up what he took.

This caused uproar amongst the old members, who came back over to contact a game master to fix the problem and get back what was stolen from them. Alongside this, the guy responsible has a black mark against his name and was removed from the guild he went on to join. The guild may have been a shell, but stealing everything and threatening to disband really went too far. Luckily, everything is back in place now, somebody else has been given the guild master position. Though it came very close to being all gone.

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Guild applications and a ninja-tale

Perils of Guild Recruitment

Regulars to this blog have probably noticed that we often take a leaf from HordeReview. The blog (or is it fansite) is still in its infancy. However, what a like about this blog is that it doesn’t profess to be another That and the fact that the website is sponsored by another late-night PST guild (Nephenteum) which is much like TA.

Recently, the site offered some sensible advice for recruitment officers/ guilds.

One of the many amazing things about Warcraft to me is the unwritten code of conduct, and self policing nature of the people who play the game. We have to constantly keep our selves in check for fear of being flamed or labeled on our own servers that we may be a ninja, or unpleasant to play with. We often spend large amounts of gold at the auction house on mats and then search through tells for a player who we may never have spoken with to trade those mats with in good faith that they will craft the desired item and return it to us. Sometimes though there are players or circumstances that tempt players to violate this code and take advantage of other players, or even their own guild. Read More

And a cautionary tale.

We had a guy named (removed) who played a warlock (who)… was actually an officer in our guild which gave him complete access to almost everything, we trusted him as a model member of our guild as well always showing up on time, farming mats, etc. One day however we log into the game only to be horrified that we had been the lucky visitor of a ninja who took a large amount of valuables from the G-Bank, and Izirii had mysteriously G-Quit. As we checked the logs of the G-Bank our suspicions were realized that Izirii was the culprit, and he had made a clean get away.

Recruitment varies for many guilds. Casual guilds prefer to use (I call it spamming) trade chat, list their availabilities on recruitment threads, ninja from other guilds (happens!) and your guild website. Persistence and patience are important too, specially if your guild is on a low-pop server.

There’s nothing wrong with being upfront during the ‘interview process’, and to avoid as much buyer’s regret as possible.  Works both ways. If you’re after quality-not-quantity, don’t hesitate to ask for a boss parse 🙂 Naturally, if you’re trying to recruit an inter-server player, make sure there’s no misunderstanding with the person/ guilds raid time. Trial period is essential. It’ll probably take 2-3 weeks to assess a raider’s fit for your guild. There’s no set rules on how you should conduct your trial period, however, it’s not going to make things easier if your new recruit is away most of the times. So be sensible.

Attuned (But Not Out!)

A Proverbial Comeback?

Ensidia’s back after a much publicised achievement forfeiture of this guild’s Lich King kill. Proving to all of us that it’s better to be  late than out, the group posted on its website, “(We are) once again ready to raid… with an unquenced thirst for revenge.”

“We went in today and killed the three bosses that we had left, Blood Queen, Sindragosa andfinally the Lich King. Oh and by the way, (the rogue member in the centre of forfeiture) wasbenched from this raid so don’t worry…No saronite bombs were used during this kill!”

The group is now attuned, and time to move on from the Ensidia-gate. Congrats, Ensidia for a legit kill 🙂

World First in Doubt

Doubt is clouding Ensidia’s world first achievement for defeating The Lich King. Yesterday the influential guild posted on its website:

Ensidia did indeed receive a 72 hour suspension for 1 rogue using his everyday normal DPS rotation.

We would like to apologize for some members outburst but we hope that people understand that everyone is quite disappointed and distraught with the whole situation.

Date of Violation: 03/02/2010
Type of violation: Exploitation – Abuse of in-game mechanics or glitches with intent to exploit or cheat in World of Warcraft.
Details: Use of Saronite Bombs to bypass The Lich King fight mechanics
Consequences for Account: Account suspended for 72 hours, all items and achievements gained removed

"Bombs are Great". Agencyguild comic


One cheeky person commented of Ensidia’s world first forfeiture

Agreed. An exploit is an exploit is an exploit.

However, I would like to point out that every one should have KNOWN this would happen, though. We were all told about this waaaaay back in Warcraft 2 when you select the dwarves:

“Bombs are GREAT!”

[EU] Lightning Blade’s Paragon is currently no 1, according to GuildOx. And the only guild with The Frozen Throne (25 Player) achievement. Congrats to the Paragon team!

*** Ed. US guilds vodka and Blood Legion now ranks top 2 and 3, respectively, according to the GuildOx website. It wouldn’t be long before new guilds follow suit. Tick Tock King, your times up. 🙂

Warcraft Couple Tie The Knot

This little story has it all– contemporary, love that conquers all, and of course happy ending.

Today a new married couple posted on the World of Warcraft forums from Blizzard today, and they have a message of thanks to give to the popular MMO creator.  Israeli-born Avlee and British born Erandel met virtually on the MMORPG on August 3rd, 2006. Avlee was touched by the appreciation of beauty that Erandel had for Dalaran Dome, a effected created by “residue from the magic dome”. Very recently the couple got married after living with each other for a year. Read more…


We’ve heard of Warcraft (OK online games in particular) being the leg of many things in the past– morbid obesity, online scams, marital break-ups, violence, etc. But then there’s this that knots something good with our favourite online game. Congratulations to the newly wed couple!