Attuned (But Not Out!)

A Proverbial Comeback?

Ensidia’s back after a much publicised achievement forfeiture of this guild’s Lich King kill. Proving to all of us that it’s better to be  late than out, the group posted on its website, “(We are) once again ready to raid… with an unquenced thirst for revenge.”

“We went in today and killed the three bosses that we had left, Blood Queen, Sindragosa andfinally the Lich King. Oh and by the way, (the rogue member in the centre of forfeiture) wasbenched from this raid so don’t worry…No saronite bombs were used during this kill!”

The group is now attuned, and time to move on from the Ensidia-gate. Congrats, Ensidia for a legit kill 🙂


The Video is Not a Lie!

World of Warcraft guild Ensidia’s World First Lich King 25 man kill music video. This song was inspired by saronite bombs*, exploits, and a dislike of cheating. Enjoy! (Original WoWphiles)

* Saronite bombs (and other similar items) was recently disabled to avoid exploits in Lich King fights.

Paragon 1st, But Ensidia’s News of The Moment

Paragon’s nice & legit. kill earned the European guild a world-first status for defeating The Lich King. Tarren Mill guild Ensidia though is still the news of the moment– and fansites are still buzzing with passionate exchanges.


“It is not our policy to discuss disciplinary action for exploitation. With that said, we take exploits very seriously and will action players that use exploits to overcome an encounter.

We continue to closely monitor all 25 player Lich King attempts and will take action if we deem players blatantly exploiting the encounter.” (Blizzard statement on Ensidia’s ban)

I think it is unfair that Ensidia go(t) the ban and didn’t get another fair shot at getting the world first. As it has been shown, the individual has always used those as part of his rotation and several high end raiding guilds do the same. If Blizzard believes that it’s incorrect and diminished the encounter, they did the right thing by hotfixing it but the wrong thing by punishing the guild when they were using the same dps techniques they always employ. (From

I really don’t care and wasn’t surprised in any case. If the end fights had been on the PTR they’d (Ensidia) have already learned all the tactics and been ready to go anyway. They do one thing and they do it well. (very, very well) They raid.

I will give ’em credit for not posting how they kicked the hell out of Arthas and how Blizz needs to make the game tougher. They took a pretty cool position of “we did it, now for the really tough stuff.” (

(Where) is the video? I don’t understand why it needs to be kept underwraps if it would prove your innocence. I understand that the lot of you feel shame, but its not because of using an exploit. It is how the Ensidia leadership has chosen to handle the situation. However, lets not stray away from the point of this post. Where is the video? (From Ensidia)

(If) you’re in the position of Ensidia, you’ve got a reputation to protect and every reason in the world to be cautious. Didn’t they hear any warning bells ringing: isn’t this a little bit too easy? (From Blogger)

Unless Blizzard has evidence that <Ensidia> was deliberately exploiting the encounter then they should not have been stripped of their achievements/loot and banned.

If Blizz does? Then <Ensidia> got what its deserved. (US WoW forums)

Arthas on The Brink

It’s less than 72 hours before a Lich King showdown, boys and girls!

Aussie guild Adept is currently sitting  at No1 post after defeating Lana’thel and The Blood Prince Council. Apparently they all woke up in the morning “feeling like P Diddy” after their World First fight. So who’s back (and who’s not) on the GuildOx chart?

1 Adept Dreadmaul-US
2 Uprising Aerie Peak-US
3 vodka Alterac Mountains-US
4 V A N Q U I S H Blood Furnace-US
5 CUTIES ONLY Kil’jaeden-US
6 Spike Flail Ner’zhul-US
7 Premonition Sen’jin-US
8 Contempt Garrosh-US
9 Dark Pact Bloodhoof-US
10 Exodus Ysondre-US

Some familiar names here. (And then the misses!)

Arthas Becomes The Lich King (World of Warcraft lore)

Arthas Menethil, Crown Prince of Lordaeron and Knight of the Silver Hand, was the son of King Terenas Menethil II and heir to the throne. He was trained as a paladin by Uther the Lightbringer, and had a romantic relationship with the sorceress Jaina Proudmoore. But despite his promising beginning, Arthas became one of the most powerful and evil beings Azeroth would ever experience when he merged with the Lich King. Read more…

Arthas and his trainer, Uther Lightbringer, were sent to the orc internment camps near Lordaeron to quell uprisings. Arthas defeated the orcs with the use of a magical fire weapon, but soon discovered that a plague of undeath was sweeping the northern villages of Lordaeron. The now-evil wizard Kel’Thuzad had transported the plague, originally the brainchild of the Lich King Ner’Zhul, to the towns of Brill and Stratholme through some infected grain. (Sorry for all the links to WoWWiki, but we’re sort of joining the story in the middle here and all the names can get confusing.) Arthas and Jaina went on a totally platonic mission to stop the plague, which Arthas accomplished by killing Kel’Thuzad. Arthas then headed north to Stratholme to kill the demon Mal’Ganis.

Arthas addressing his men in old Stratholme. (c)

When Arthas and Uther got to Stratholme, they discovered that the grain had already been distributed and the townspeople would soon become undead. Arthas ordered his troops to kill all the villagers. Horrified, Uther and Jaina refused and left with some of the Silver Hand forces. Arthas and his pals killed off the villagers and eventually ran into Mal’Ganis, who kind of just waved and said he’d see them later in Northrend. Gee, like that doesn’t sound like a trap at all. Arthas and his followers blindly headed off to Northrend, where they met Arthas’s old friend Muradin Bronzebeard. Arthas and Muradin searched the area for Mal’Ganis, but they were soon ordered to come back to Lordaeron by Terenas and Uther. Arthas said “Screw that!” and burned his boats so his men would have no way to get home but to kill Mal’Ganis. More…

ICC- Crimson Hall To Open Today!

Icecrown Citadel.

Icecrown Citadel is proving a lightning bar to many elite guilds. With the third wing (Crimson Hall) opening in less than 24 hours, will the bloodsuckers change the world ranking landscape again? Anyhow, here’s the latest rundown of the Top 10 guilds (World)

1 Rush Dark Iron-US
2 Paragon Lightning’s Blade-EU
3 V A N Q U I S H Blood Furnace-US
4 vodka Alterac Mountains-US
5 第七天堂 Silverwing Hold-TW
6 Квантум Разувий-EU
7 Memento Mori Frostmane-EU
8 CUTIES ONLY Kil’jaeden-US
9 For the Horde Nazjatar-EU
10 Forlorn Legacy Windrunner-US

(From GuildOx website)

Draenor US is showing off its competitive side, as well, with most guilds now through ICC’s first wing. And with top guild Paradox cementing its No 1 server ranking by completing The Plagueworks recently. (Excellent start to the raiding season) Congrats!

3.2 Beats 3.3 As WoW Story of the Year!

Argent Tournament Ground, (c)


Of all of the big stories in 2009, it was patch 3.2 that reigned supreme. The Argent Tourney and its related instances and quests weren’t expected at all before this year, and yet, at the end of the year, this is probably where most players ended up spending most of their time. 3.2 brought us a new 5-man and four versions of a new raid — both normal and heroic modes for 10 and 25 people. It introduced the Isle of Conquest, a brand new battleground to fight in. This patch changed the mount levels, and perhaps most importantly for the future, it showed how Blizzard would update the Emblem system — by providing us options to trade the various currencies for older levels of gear, as well as rewarding us with Emblems even just for running 5-man dungeons. And course it brought druids something they’d been hoping for since the beginning of the game: new forms.

Patch 3.2 Beats 3.3

In the end, it probably wasn’t the best patch of 2009 — lots of people wondered why we were fighting each other when Arthas was right there, and while lots of players ran Trial of the Crusader, it probably won’t win any popularity contests against Ulduar or Icecrown Citadel. But nevertheless, it was a huge update to the game, with lots and lots of player interest, and coming as it did right in the middle of August, it was the biggest story of the year for us.

Amen! Anyways Merry Christmas to you all and see yahs in 2010!