10 Things You Hate About MMORPGs

1. N00bs

Imagine you’re spending time with your favorite character, hunting, questing, you know, doing the stuff you usually do, and then all of a sudden someone you’ve never met before starts asking all sorts of questions (mostly dumb ones). Answering one or two is not so bad. But this triggers a chain reaction… that makes you want to kill the guy (female characters don’t count!).

2. Being a N00b

Most high level players forget that they were once the same, when encountering n00bs. Maybe because our brain usually blocks traumatizing memories. But all of us, with no exception, have experienced this.

3.  Gold Sellers

This is a big one! Gold sellers are annoying for everyone, new and experienced players alike. Especially in cities but not only, you are constantly assaulted by chat massages that sound like “buy gold at http://www.something.etc”.

4.  Lag

Lag has two main possible causes. The first is… you and your lousy Internet connection. The other is the game’s servers over-population. Balancing the game population with the server size in order to keep costs as low as possible is not an easy task. The company has many variables to take into account: population evolution in time, the time intervals when the server is most crowded, the zones in the game world where players tend to flock and so on. This is why even in high quality games lag appears in areas with high masses of players. There are also the physical limitations of the network combined with more and more bandwidth requirements of the games themselves. So this issue is here to stay at least until high speed.

5.  “Kill x number of… stuff” quests

Well, who hasn’t encountered a NPC that wants him to kill a fixed number of stuff, or bring some stuff that only some stuff has, so you still have to kill a fixed number of stuff? Mainly in the beginning of a game this type of situations are extremely common.

6. Grinding

If a poll was done on the most annoying thing in MMOs, I bet that more than 90% of the gamers would answer “grinding”. And with reason. It’s probably the most common motivation people give up on the game. Why people hate it so much? Simple! Because it makes them do what they do in real life – repetitive, boring stuff for small earnings.

7. No horizon beyond the level cap

You just did the last quest and your character (with a bit of luck) is now the maximum level. For a while you feel that you are somebody, you are cool, and nobody can mess with you anymore. But as time passes by, you realize that there’s less and less for you to do. Of course, you can search for better equipment, fight in some PvP, but eventually all this is getting boring. There’s no solid gain for playing anymore. This is the moment when many players give up gaming. Designers try to get them back by constantly releasing new content and add-ons, but unless it’s done often, it is only a momentary solution.

8. Cheaters

This category of people is truly hated – by me at least. They are present in each and every online game and try to quickly gain what you are working for months to achieve. No game is cheat-proof but it normally has a team of GMs that try to catch unfair players either by direct observation or using player-provided proof. The system is not perfect either.

9. Bans

Bans have a direct connection with the topic above. In order to stop the unfair players, games have a set of rules and those who break them usually get a temporary (it they are lucky) or a permanent ban, rendering their account useless.

10. Item malls (or any type of payment)

Who likes to pay? No one.

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