Attuned (But Not Out!)

A Proverbial Comeback?

Ensidia’s back after a much publicised achievement forfeiture of this guild’s Lich King kill. Proving to all of us that it’s better to be  late than out, the group posted on its website, “(We are) once again ready to raid… with an unquenced thirst for revenge.”

“We went in today and killed the three bosses that we had left, Blood Queen, Sindragosa andfinally the Lich King. Oh and by the way, (the rogue member in the centre of forfeiture) wasbenched from this raid so don’t worry…No saronite bombs were used during this kill!”

The group is now attuned, and time to move on from the Ensidia-gate. Congrats, Ensidia for a legit kill 🙂