The Waiting Game

Blizzard COO Paul Sams talks about cooking it right during game development. Speaking exclusively for Games Industry, Sams warns of the cumbersome choice between hitting financial targets and sustaining the creativity behind the creation.

“If you’ve been in the games industry for any length of time and you’ve worked for a variety of companies, what you will hear from developers is that they were working on a game that they were so excited and enthusiastic about… and yet, when it got to the point where the company wanted to ship it and the game wasn’t done, that company would oftentimes make the decision to ship it anyway – because they needed to make their quarterly numbers, or whatever.” Read More

Reminds me of the console war during the late 90s. Remember, Dreamcast?

Well, to Sams (and his team@ Blizzard), take your time. We just want to play a good game.