CRIME: Man ‘Grooms’ Boys To Send Naked Pics

Copenhagen City Court this week charged a 28-year old man for ‘grooming’ underage teens.

(The unnamed pervert) is being prosecuted in Copenhagen City Court for ‘grooming’, where he allegedly used the online computer game ‘World of Warcraft’ to get the 12-16 year-old boys to transmit pictures or film clips to him.

'Run Away, Lil' Girl. Run Away!'

According to the charges, the man had a significant amount of ‘gold’ in the game, which can be used to upgrade a player’s strength or abilities. He allegedly offered the boys gold in exchange for the pictures, which in some instances involved (illicit acts). Read More

The report added, “the man chatted with the boys on World of Warcraft website and also via MSN Messenger, where more private exchanges could take place.”