Confession Of A Warcraft Addict

Nicky Haik was stuck at home sick for a week when he was 13. Out of boredom, he started playing “World of Warcraft.”

During the next five years, he says he spent somewhere between 175 and 200 solid days, or well over 4,000 hours, playing the game made by Irvine-based Blizzard. On average, that’s more than two hours per day every day. According to Haik, he could start the game up on a Friday when he got home from school and not turn it off until early Monday morning.

The 18-year-old New Jersey resident and recent high school grad decided it was time to quit, and he did so earlier this month in extraordinary fashion. He had tried deactivating his account before, but that only lasted a couple of weeks before he turned it back on again.

On July 8, he started up the video camera and began dismantling everything he had created through the years.

Via Orange County Register