Guild applications and a ninja-tale

Perils of Guild Recruitment

Regulars to this blog have probably noticed that we often take a leaf from HordeReview. The blog (or is it fansite) is still in its infancy. However, what a like about this blog is that it doesn’t profess to be another That and the fact that the website is sponsored by another late-night PST guild (Nephenteum) which is much like TA.

Recently, the site offered some sensible advice for recruitment officers/ guilds.

One of the many amazing things about Warcraft to me is the unwritten code of conduct, and self policing nature of the people who play the game. We have to constantly keep our selves in check for fear of being flamed or labeled on our own servers that we may be a ninja, or unpleasant to play with. We often spend large amounts of gold at the auction house on mats and then search through tells for a player who we may never have spoken with to trade those mats with in good faith that they will craft the desired item and return it to us. Sometimes though there are players or circumstances that tempt players to violate this code and take advantage of other players, or even their own guild. Read More

And a cautionary tale.

We had a guy named (removed) who played a warlock (who)… was actually an officer in our guild which gave him complete access to almost everything, we trusted him as a model member of our guild as well always showing up on time, farming mats, etc. One day however we log into the game only to be horrified that we had been the lucky visitor of a ninja who took a large amount of valuables from the G-Bank, and Izirii had mysteriously G-Quit. As we checked the logs of the G-Bank our suspicions were realized that Izirii was the culprit, and he had made a clean get away.

Recruitment varies for many guilds. Casual guilds prefer to use (I call it spamming) trade chat, list their availabilities on recruitment threads, ninja from other guilds (happens!) and your guild website. Persistence and patience are important too, specially if your guild is on a low-pop server.

There’s nothing wrong with being upfront during the ‘interview process’, and to avoid as much buyer’s regret as possible.  Works both ways. If you’re after quality-not-quantity, don’t hesitate to ask for a boss parse 🙂 Naturally, if you’re trying to recruit an inter-server player, make sure there’s no misunderstanding with the person/ guilds raid time. Trial period is essential. It’ll probably take 2-3 weeks to assess a raider’s fit for your guild. There’s no set rules on how you should conduct your trial period, however, it’s not going to make things easier if your new recruit is away most of the times. So be sensible.

Top 8: Best WoW Guild Websites

Top Eight Guild Websites… IMO

(In random order)

Premonition Sen’jin US

vBulletin is the website programming of choice for many top guilds of Warcraft. This website should be the point-of-reference for guild web admins on how best to manage your website using vBulletin.  Simple yet classy.

Knights of Malta Ragnaros, EU

Knights of Malta

This RP guild website successfully managed to thread all of the basic web functions and its guild philosophies into something unique. Nice job piecing together Maltese folklores into WoW lore as well. (Updated)

Puggernaut Draenor US

Not a guild website but a platform for pugs. So far the most successful group to incorporate the pugging system, and no doubt copycats will follow suit. The site uses guildlaunch for web hosting.

Gentlemen’s Club Korgath US

Pacifism Ravencrest EU

Conservative in its design (and even messages), Gentlemen’s Club website is consistent with the guild’s name. The design is almost controlled and minimalistic. Pacifism is its total opposite and I love how it screams ‘different’ without being faux or vulgar. It’s personable!

Katipunero Trollbane US

The original Katipuneros

What’s inviting about this guild website is the focus on members rather than what raiders do in raids. Whilst the templates and design are pretty much basic (they use guildomatic), the site remains steadfast with the guild’s name. Katipunero is a 19th century Masonic order in the Philippines and the guild effectively weaved the group’s philosophy onto their site

Seraphim Earthen Ring US

It’s all about the forum. Your guild forum is what makes your website so effective and cohesive, and Seraphim knew exactly that. The site’s general forum alone has 12400 posts, which is phenomenal.

vodka Alterac Mountain US


In considering the eight top guild websites of WoW I didn’t mull over the basics. The basics being an effective recruitment tool, screenshots of raid accomplishments, website templates and programs used. I was neither blinded by the cost of running guild websites (and websites can cost a guild heftily these days). Ensidia’s website is not on the list since it’s more a fansite nowadays. (So is Elitist Jerks)

But vodka is. Vodka’s guild website is the most innovative of them all. The website is staggering and the people behind it as dedicated as the guild’s core raiders. The investment and hard work of its online team is so apparent the moment your computer screen opens to the page. Recently famous for their own patch 3.3 trailer which of course outshined Blizzard’s own trailer.

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