Liberty Over Death

The golden age of America is fleeting fast into the night.  The recent change of NASA’s official mission is a painfully clear picture of this.  Whereas America was once a pioneer of the final frontier, we are no longer even attempting space exploration.  The primary mission of NASA has been changed to humanitarian outreach, particularly to the Islamic community—under the Obama Administration.  I could go into detail about the many pillars of American greatness that are crumbling—like the national credit rating being downgraded twice during Obama’s stay in the White House—but I’m guessing most of my readers can already see the sad truth all around them.  In case you’re not part of that group, let me be frank with you.

Don’t call me a prophet, and I hope I never have to say I told you so.  But one thing in this uncertain world is definite:  AMERICA IS AT…

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